Fourth Steering Committee Meeting (20-22 January 2015)

The 4th Steering Comittee Meeting took place from January 20th to January 22nd 2015, in Georgetown Guyana, at Guyana Forestry Comission (GFC) facilities. The event was co-hosted and organized with the support of GFC, the national forest services of Guyana.

The main objective of this Steering Committee Meeting was to gather all SC Members, to discuss the progress of the project since last SC in June 2014, and to decide on the project’s orientation for the first half of 2015 and beyond.

Please find below the agenda, as well as all the presentations and the Report of the event.

Agenda : English and  Portuguese 

Briefing Note : English and Portuguese
Report : English French  and Portuguese

Presentations :

Session 1: Regional Dialogue about REDD+ in the Guiana Shield
Session 2: “À la carte” National Support
Session 3: Technical Working Groups
Session 4: Training and Technology Transfer
Session 5: Tools for Regional Dialogue on REDD+
Session 6: Working Discussion to prepare COP21

Year 2014 Program – Year 2014 Program & Budget

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