Launching Steering Committee (6th August 2013)

The Launching Steering Committee Meeting was held on the 6th August 2013 in Paramaribo (Suriname) co-hosted by SBB. It acted as an opportunity for  partners, including donors to discuss the project. Specific objectives were:

  1. To present and validate the Steering Committee composition and governance;
  2. To reaffirm partners’ interest in the project and highlight their expectations toward the project;
  3. To present, discuss and validate main orientations of the three years Program of Work, as well as detailed activities and budget to be committed for the next 5 months;
  4. To think about concrete synergies with existing initiatives in the region.


final agenda (English)-

Final Report:

2013_10_10_Launching_Steering_Committee_Report (1)

Three years program of activity:

2013-8-12_Program of Activity



Introduction — Marie Calmel (ONFI)
Project Overview — Nicolas Karr (ONF)
Steering Committee Introduction — Anne Martinet (ONFI)
Update on Amapa–Ana Euler (IEF)
Update: Guyana — Nasheta Dewnath (GFC)
Update: French Guiana — Fanny Miss (ONF)
Update: Suriname — Rene Somopawiro (SBB)
Programme of Work — Marie Calmel (ONFI)
Regional Initiatives — Anne Martinet (ONFI)
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) — Marie Calmel (ONFI)                  ToR for the Working Groups

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