Second Steering Committee Meeting (11th December 2013)

topscThe second steering committee meeting was held in Macapa, Amapa State in Brazil on the 11th December 2013 and was co-hosted by IEF.

The 2nd Steering Committee was an opportunity to re-orientate the project that was initially conceptualised in 2008. Furthermore, it served as an opportunity to finalise the Terms of Reference for the working groups which will allow this process to build momentum in 2014. Prior to the Steering Committee Meeting there was a one day intersessional meeting that provided the opportunity to share updates on what was happening within the EcoRegion by forestry services, private sector, academic and NGO communities.



Meeting Report:
2nd Steering Committee Report
Relatório da 2ª Reunião do Comité Gestor [v. traduzida]

Updated three years program of activity: 2013-12-15_Updated program of activity



Session 1: Past Activities and Re-orientations:
Session 1: Past Activities and Suggestions for Reorientation — Marie Calmel (ONFI)

Session 2: Country Level Technical Support
Session 2a: French Guiana
Session 2b: Amapa
Session 2c: Suriname
Session 2d: Guyana

Session 3: Creating a Regional Dialogue Platform:
Session 3a: Regional Dialogue Support – Marie Calmel (ONFI)
Session 3b: Data management presentation – Saba Loftus (ONFI)

Session 4: Capacity Building
Session 4a: Introduction Capacity Building — Sara Svensson (ONFI) Session 4b: Working Groups — Saba Loftus (ONFI & Sara Svensson (ONFI)
[handout] Working Groups_ToR_with inputs from the Steering Committee Meeting
[handout] Working Group_suggested topics
Session 4 c: Capacity Building and Technology Transfer Plans — Sergio Milheiras (ONFI)

Session 5: Conclusion
Year 2014 program (summarizing decisions made in terms of budget and activities) in Session 5 – Program and Budget
FINAL Session 5 – Conclusion-Validation Session – Marie Calmel (ONFI)  

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