Third Steering Committee Meeting (2-3 June 2014)

The 3rd Steering Committee Meeting took place at the facilities of the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) in Cayenne, French Guiana, on June the 2nd and the 3rd, 2014. The event was organized with the support of the Office National des Fôrests Guyane (ONF-G).

The main objective of the Third Steering Committee Meeting was to provide a forum for all SC members to be informed on the project’s progress since the last meeting and for discussing the orientation of future work of the project.

On the 1st of June there was field trip to a Reduced Impact Logging plot to demonstrate ONF forestry management practices in French Guiana. On June 2nd, the Steering Committee (SC) members had the opportunity to discuss regional approaches for REDD+ in the Guiana Shield and the project’s Technical Working Groups. And on June 3rd, the meeting focused the discussion on the following project activities: «à la carte» national support, training and technology transfer, regional dialogue on REDD+, and project management.

– SCM3 Agenda

Meeting report: SC3 Meeting Report in English,  in Portuguese, in French.

Background documents:

Briefing note for SC3

ToR Regional Database (updated)

Masters description – Ecofog


Field trip – Applications of LIDAR to forest management in French Guiana [in French] – Laurent Descroix, ONF-G

Session 1 – REDD+ for the Guiana Shield Project presentation – Nicolas Karr, ONF-G
Session 1 – REDD+ activities in Amapá [in Portuguese] – Lana Oliveira, IEF
Session 1 – The Guiana Shield Facility – Patrick Chesney, GSF
Session 1 – Country ID: Guyana’s Summary – Karlon Walde, GFC
Session 1 – NIMOS REDD+ Transition project – Haidy Malone-Lepelblad, NIMOS
Session 1 – WWF Guianas regional REDD+ related activities – Sofie Ruysschaert, WWF Guianas
Session 1 – Conservation International in the Guiana Shield – Dianne Balraj, CI Guyana
Session 1 – REDD+ in French Guiana – Benjamin Ouliac, Région Guyane
Session 1 – The Tropical managed Forests Observatory: A New Research Tool to Address the Future of Logged Forests – Bruno Herault, CIRAD

Session 2 – Working Groups – Sérgio Milheiras & Marie Calmel, ONFI

Session 3 – «À la carte» technical support – Sara Svensson, ONFI
Session 3 – «À la carte» support to Suriname from REDD+ for the Guiana Shield – Rene Somopawiro, SBB

Session 4 – Training and Technology Transfer – Marie Calmel & Sérgio Milheiras, ONFI

Session 5 – Regional Tools for Dialogue on REDD+ – Marie Calmel, ONFI
Session 5 – PhD presentation: REDD+ Guiana Shield Project – Camille Dezecache, CIRAD
Session 5 – Regional Studies – Sara Svensson, ONFI
Session 5 – Regional GIS database – Sérgio Milheiras, ONFI
Session 5 – Tools and data sharing policy – Sabá Loftus, ONFI

Session 6 – Concluding remarks – Marie Calmel, ONFI

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