Improving knowledge sharing on tree species identification in the Guiana Shield

Familiarity with the diversity of tree species in the Guiana Shield is significant for many purposes. For example, in the context of REDD+, correct identification of tree species is important when collecting inventory data for reporting on forest carbon stocks. The REDD+ for the Guiana Shield project encourages increased collaboration and knowledge sharing between experts on tree species in the Guiana Shield.

On 29 September to 2 October 2015, a regional workshop on tree species identification took place on Tonka Island in Suriname. This workshop brought together a network of experts to exchange experiences and look for ways to advance on the topic beyond the REDD+ for the Guiana Shield project’s lifetime.

In June 2015, the consultant Dominiek Plouvier conducted a first mission in the Guiana Shield to prepare a report comparing the existing resources and capacities for recognition of tree species in the four project territories (Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Amapá). This state-of-the-art report provides a snapshot of the current situation, identifies knowledge gaps and suggests ways forward for improving skills on tree species identification in the Guiana Shield.

Read more about the study in the Terms of Reference in English and Portuguese.

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