MRV Comparative table and database

The REDD+ for the Guiana Shield project, as a technical platform for cooperation in the region, gathered and produced information and data related to REDD+ topics, to promote and increase regional dialogue. Those data could not be formalized in a GIS database, due to data consistency and ownership at the regional scale, but a report was written by Camille Dézecaches, providing a “Critical analysis of geographical data used within the spatially explicit model of deforestation”.

This report analyzes the data gathered through the project and provides possible strategy and perspectives for building a regional database and the difficulties encountered in the specific case of the REDD+ for the Guiana Shield project.

The report in English will be available soon.

As an exemple of data collected for the project, a MRV Comparative table was created. By clicking on the image below, you will access a table that compares various aspects in the project countries, relevant to REDD+ and Measurement/Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) :


Please help the project team to keep the tool up-to-date by contacting us when something needs to be changed. Alternatively, you can request access to edit the datasheet yourself.

See other studies and data produced at regional scale on the dedicated page.

Technical Cooperation Project

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