Who are we ?


The project is supported by ONF French Guiana in partnership with its subsidiary ONF International and in cooperation with the Forest Service of Amapá in Brazil (IEF), Guyana (GFC) and Surinam (SBB).

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REDD+ for the Guiana Shield is funded by the Regional Development European Fund (FEDER) through the Interreg IV Caraïbes program (1.26 M€), the French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM –1 M€), the French Guiana Region (90 k€), as well as by the project partners own contributions (see the project summary for more details). Financing Agreements with donors were signed in late 2012 and the project officially started in January 2013.

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Project Leader – ONF 

onf logoONF is the project leader for the REDD+ for the Guiana Shield Technical Cooperation Project. The following staff are focused on the project:

Nicolas Karr (Project Coordinator)                             Jean-Luc Sibille (Funds reporting and monitoring )

Implementing PartnerONF International 

ONFIONF International (ONFI) is an environmental expertise cabinet specialising in the sustainable management of ecosystems (notably forest based) and the fight against global warming. It provides both public and private players with integral and pragmatic solutions that help valorise the role of forests and wood in land use development. ONFI is the implementing partner for the REDD+ Guiana Shield Technical Cooperation project.

The Project Team:

Marie Calmel  (Project Manager)                                                                         Rachida Le Jeannic (Project Manager Assistant)                                            Nicolas Chenet and Anne Martinet (coordinating experts from ONF International Headquarters that support the project)

Each forestry service has a dedicated focal point based locally:

IEFChristelle Ndagijimana (Amapa Focal Point)

gfc          Mathieu Rahm (Guyana Focal Point)

 sbb          Sara Svensson (Suriname Focal Point)

Technical Cooperation Project