Analyzing and Modeling Deforestation

From 4th to 8th of May, the Fifth Working Group Meeting (WGM5) will be organized in Cayenne, on Analyzing and Modeling Deforestation.

This topic is one of the project’s technical components. Several activities are or will be performed within the project framework (see details in the Terms of References below). All those activities aim at studying and building capacities on regional future deforestation, based on empirical observations of past deforestation dynamics.

The specific objectives of having a Working Group Meeting dedicated to Analyzing and Modeling Deforestation are to:

  • Provide a global overview of undergoing activities on analyzing and modeling deforestation under the project framework;
  • Build capacities on some specific tools and methods to analyze, as well as to model deforestation;
  • Facilitate appropriation and understanding of the PhD methodology of modeling deforestation;
  • Initiate collaborative work on historical analysis of deforestation in the Guiana shield.

Please find more details of this Meeting on the Terms of References in  English and Portuguese and on the documents below :

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