Community-based MRV systems in the Guiana Shield

The 6th Working Group Meeting on Community-based MRV systems in the Guiana Shield took place in Guyana, from 24th to 27th of August, 2015. It was organized in collaboration with WWF and the Global Canopy Program.

During this event, participants from inside and outside the region were gathered to share experiences and approaches that have been developped in the Guiana Shield and beyond, in terms of Community-based MRV, exploring existing methods and tools, in the perspective of learning lessons and spreading good practices.

Please find below the relevant documents produced for this event.

Join the discussion group  on this link

Meeting report : WGM6 Report in English and in Portuguese

Presentations :

Session 1 : Introduction to CMRV and its status in the participating countries

Session 2 : Impacts and results of CMRV initiatives and their inclusion in NMRV

Session 3 : Using technology to support the inclusion of CMRV in NMRV systems

Links to tutorials and other relavant training material

9 thoughts on “Community-based MRV systems in the Guiana Shield”

  1. Is Stoney’s presentation about the casestudy in Acre included in the ‘Experiences beyond the Guiana Shield’ presentation from GCP?

  2. Very nice work. Nice pictures….would be nice to have the Points we collected for the way forward and some kind of discussion setting to discuss them and use that as a means to plan the way ahead!

  3. Hello everyone, quick question for ONFi. Is the workshop report already finished? And will it be made available to participants?

    1. Dear Morena,

      The report is now under revision, and should be ready in a short while. As soon as it is ready, it will be uploaded on this page, and sent to participants as well.
      Please let us know if you have further question.

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