The first EcoRegional working group meeting was held in Georgetown, Guyana on the 5th and 6th December 2013 on the topics of “REDD+ MRV Implementation and Drivers of Deforestation”

The event was co-hosted by Conservation International, ONF and ONF International. It was a Working Group session under the technical cooperation project REDD+ for the Guiana Shield funded by FFEM, the European Commission and the Région Guyane, as well as under the KfW project, Avoided deforestation through consolidation and creation of protected areas and carbon financing mechanisms in the Guiana Region.  It was attended by the forestry services from Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana and Amapa State in Brazil.

Jagdesh Singh

The Details:

Participants List


Working Group Overview
Session 1: Suriname Forest Cover Monitoring Unit
Session 2a: Suriname National Forest Inventory
Session2b: French Guiana Forest Carbon Inventory
Session 3a: Introduction to MRV systems
Session 3b: Guyana’s MRV System
Session 3c: REDD+ outcomes COP19
Session 3d: Amapa Public Forest Concession Registry
Session 4a: Addressing Extracting Industry Sector
Session 4b: Guiana Shield drivers of deforestation
Session 5a: Amapa Development of State REL
Session 5b: Guyasim Modelling Tool

Report – Working Group 1
Relatório – Grupo de Trabalho 1 [em PORTUGUÊS]

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