Mapping for REDD+: Tools and classification methods for forest cover monitoring

The second Working Group meeting was held in Paramaribo, Suriname on 27-28 February 2014. It was organized by ONF International and hosted by Suriname’s Foundation for Forest Management and Production Control (SBB).

The aim was to compare methodologies that have been developed and are used within or outside the region and discuss specific technical topics in order to enhance a common understanding of REDD+ MRV through training and technology transfer.

Specific objectives included:

  • Initiating regional dialogue to identifying gaps (data and methodologies) at national and regional level (i.e. in the perspective of a common view of REDD+ MRV);
  • Build capacity (through lessons learnt and sharing of good practices);
  • Discuss the development of a Regional cooperation platform;
  • Prepare technical inputs and feed into Steering Committee decision making.

Participants List

Report: WG2 Report


Session 1 – Introduction: Use of optical images for MRV – Marie Calmel, ONFI
Session 1 – Optical images for MRV – Anne-Cecile Capel, ONFI
Session 1 – Monitoring LULUCF in French Guiana by optical remote sensing – Gaelle Verger, ONF Guyane
Supplementary info: Atmospheric correction and cloud masking – Max Wright, CI
Supplementary info: Inventory of satellite images characteristics (working document under development)

Session 2 – Use of Radar images for MRV – Anne-Cecile Capel, ONFI

Session 3 – Defining Land Use Classes – Marie Calmel, Anne-Cecile Capel, Anoumou Kemavo, ONFI
Session 3 – LULUCF on coastal French Guiana – Gaelle Verger, Nicolas Degarne, ONF Guyane

Session 4 – How to classify shifting cultivation – Anne-Cecile Capel, ONFI
Session 4 – Shifting cultivation: forestland or agriculture land – Anwar Helstone, Maureen Playfair, CELOS
Supplementary info: Research Article on Swidden Agriculture

Planning the next WG meeting

Step-by-step tutorials:

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