Design of a multipurpose national forest inventory

The 3rd WG meeting was dedicated to the topic “Design of a Multipurpose National Forest Inventory“. It was held in Cayenne, French Guiana, on April 28th and 29th. It was organized by ONF International and hosted by Région Guyane.

Similarly to previous WG meetings, the aim was to compare methodologies that are used within or outside the region and discuss specific technical topics in order to enhance a common understanding of REDD+ MRV through training and technology transfer.

The two days of work were divided into four sessions, each one developing a specific sub-topic and enriching the discussion through expert input on National Forest Inventories, reporting on GHG emission factors and forest carbon stocks. The following sub-topics were discussed by participants:

  • Introduction to National Forest Inventory (NFI) and its implementation in the Guiana Shield;
  • Designing a NFI for REDD+ purposes;
  • Use of NFI for carbon stocks assessment purposes (including discussion on the selection of allometric equations, emission factor) in the Guiana Shield;
  • Linking results from the national forest inventory with MRV reporting and GHG inventories NFI.

– Agenda WG3
– List of participants

Meeting Report: WG3 report


Session 1 – Status of forest biomass and carbon stock assessment in South and Central America – Matieu Henry, FAO
Session 1 – Inventaires forestiers Volumes et AGB [in French] – Laurent Descroix, ONF Guyane
Session 1 – Pilot Project National Forest Inventory (NFI) in Suriname – Morena Sanches, SBB

Session 2 – Designing a National Forest Inventory in the context of REDD+ – Matieu Henry, FAO
Session 2 – Quantification of biomass in module IV of the State Forest of Amapá: allometry and estimation of carbon stock [in Portuguese] – Thiago Zampiva, IEF
Supplementary info: IEF Report [in English] – Biomass quantification in Amapá’s State Forest: carbon stock allometry and estimate

Session 3 – Improving accuracy of estimates toward better use of tree allometric equations – Matieu Henry, FAO
Session 3 – GuyaFor Network – Laurent Descroix, ONF Guyane
Session 3 – L’Observatoire des Forêts Tropicales Aménagées: Comprendre la Résilience des Forêts Tropicales Perturbées dans le Contexte du Changement Climatique [in French] – Laurent Descroix, ONF Guyane

Session 4 – Overview of LULUCF GHG inventory, French Guiana – Etienne Mathias, CITEPA

Planning the next WG meeting

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